September 25, 2023


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Early interruption of breastfeeding and sugar consumption contribute to dental caries by age 2

A analyze involving 800 kids demonstrates inclusion of sugar in their diet program and early interruption of breastfeeding to be the main variables that lead to the appearance of dental caries by age 2. An report reporting the final results is revealed in the journal Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology.

The Earth Well being Group (WHO) recommends unique breastfeeding for the 1st 6 months of life, adopted by strong foodstuff with each other with continued on-desire breastfeeding up to 2 a long time of age or past. It also advises versus supplying infants added sugar ahead of age 2.

The examine was portion of a Thematic Task entitled “MINA study: Maternal and youngster wellbeing in Acre: delivery cohort in the Western Brazilian Amazon”, which tracks small children born in 2015-16 in Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre condition, Brazil, with FAPESP’s help (examine much more at:


Some previous research pointed to an affiliation concerning prolonged breastfeeding [for 12 months or more] and the event of dental caries, but without having correctly accounting for the part of early included sugar use by these youngsters. Our investigation discovered the enhanced chance of caries in the context of prolonged breastfeeding to correlate with sugar usage.”


Marly Augusto Cardoso, principal investigator for the task


Cardoso is a professor at the University of São Paulo’s School of Community Overall health (FSP-USP).

“The final results corroborate prior investigate conclusions on the position of absolutely free sugar in the advancement of dental caries. Breast milk lactose by itself will not lead to the dilemma. Basically all the kids surveyed by our examine have been uncovered to cost-free sugar at an early age,” mentioned Jenny Abanto, very first creator of the short article. The analyze was performed during her postdoctoral fellowship at FSP-USP’s Office of Epidemiology. At this time, she is a professor at São Leopoldo Mandic Dental School in São Paulo.

Dental caries had been discovered in 22.8% of the 800 kids tracked. In isolation, this proportion indicates young children breastfed for a lot more than 24 months ran a larger possibility than people breastfed for 12 months or a lot less. Nonetheless, the incidence of dental caries declined in line with slipping sugar consumption in the former.

“We observed that breastfeeding for 24 months reduced consumption of extremely-processed foodstuff or meals with included sugar, performing as a variable of safety from dental caries,” Cardoso stated.

Details about meals intake was obtained from interviews in which mothers or carers explained what the infants had eaten in the previous 24 hours. The volume of sugar additional to a variety of kinds of foodstuff and consume, such as tea, juice, milk and pap, for illustration, was also recorded.

Only 2.8% never ever consumed sugar before their 2nd birthday, and 66.7% consumed meals with included sugar additional than five times a working day. Only 7.6% consumed no added sugar at all in the very first 12 months of their lives.

The frequency of dental caries assorted with household income, academic attainment and the mother’s or carer’s skin colour. It was highest for children of Black women in reduced-money people and with significantly less education.

Milk tooth

Large sugar use effects in the formation of a cariogenic dental biofilm, recognised as bacterial plaque. Breast milk is modified by plaque and contributes to demineralization of tooth enamel, but sugar use triggers this approach. The frequency with which plaque is exposed to breast milk is possibly the main issue in the heightened hazard of dental caries noticed in breastfed kids more than 12 months of age.

“Even if the enamel impacted are deciduous or milk enamel, nutritional practices these kinds of as consuming substantial amounts of sugar in infancy are likely to develop into lasting and pose the danger of dental caries creating later on in daily life. Other research have also demonstrated that possessing dental caries in infancy generally suggests owning them in adolescence, as well,” claimed Abanto, who is also a professor at the Intercontinental University of Catalonia (UIC Barcelona) in Spain.

Nutritional habits are rooted in infancy, she extra, and the foods to which babies come to be accustomed impact their lifelong choices. This is a single extra purpose to steer clear of sugar usage in the to start with 24 months of a baby’s lifetime.

Even 100% fruit juice is currently discouraged in the 1st 12 months by the WHO, Brazil’s Well being Ministry and the Brazilian Culture of Pediatricians. It may possibly not include extra sugar, but the organic sugar in fruit is divided from the fiber when it is crushed, and this no cost sugar has related effects to sucrose from sugarcane, for example. The WHO’s tips do not discourage consumption of entire clean fruit and veggies by infants, nevertheless.

“The WHO suggests unique breastfeeding for the initial 6 months and advocates continued on-need breastfeeding right until age 2, introducing fruit and other solid meals from the age of six months. It also advises versus additional sugar till age 2,” Cardoso stated.


Journal reference:

Abanto, J., et al. (2022) Prolonged breastfeeding, sugar use and dental caries at 2 years of age: A beginning cohort review. Neighborhood Dentistry And Oral Epidemiology.