February 29, 2024


A Passion for Better Health

From chiropractor to crossing guard

As a respected nearby chiropractor, Cheryl Haugh invested a long time aiding Oak Park area consumers on their route to relief and recovery. Retired for the earlier pair many years, she is now helping numerous of their young children on their route to college. As a crossing guard, she spends her mornings and afternoons shepherding pupils throughout fast paced Lake Street on their way to and from Beye College.

“I’ve been amazed how considerably I am experiencing this,” Haugh stated. “Oak Parkers are so helpful in the early morning. I like greeting the young children and environment the tone for their working day. I’m the initial outsider they see and I sense an obligation to be sunny for them. And then I see them at the conclusion of the faculty working day, like bookends.”

University crossing guard Cheryl Haugh can help students cross Lake Road from Harvey on Thursday, Sept. 15, in Oak Park. | Alex Rogals

As she has become a fixture in their lives, Haugh has been privy to some intriguing conversations with her youthful charges. Like the lady who proudly shared that she was putting on a special sparkly tutu, which was invisible to Haugh — till the lady advised that she experienced tucked it into her tights so it wouldn’t get soiled on the way to university.