December 8, 2023


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Pearls for Your Observe: Transcend Universal Composite by Ultradent

I was lately seeking at paying for some new jeans, and the stuff I observed was variety of alarming. It looks that properly-customized, slender denims are no more time in. We are back again to the saggy, significant-rise jeans that I wore in the 1990s. As a 44-yr-previous male, I find myself shaking my fist at clouds. How can these high-waisted sloppy monstrosities be modern once more?

Dentistry has developments, far too. One development about the past handful of a long time has been universal single-shade composites. It would seem like every company has an entry into this field, but Ultradent is carrying out it a little bit in a different way with Transcend Common Composite.

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How is it distinct? While Transcend is developed to be a universal shade composite with a “UB” (Universal Human body) one shade, it can also be layered—a a lot more classic method to esthetic composite dentistry. The target is to give dentists the adaptability to use Transcend Universal Composite in many distinctive roles in their practice. It can be a go-to single shade posterior resin composite option for the day to day dentistry it can also be applied in the anterior exactly where dentin and enamel shades are available to give the means to layer for additional dynamic results.

In addition to the UB shade, Transcend Universal Composite comes in four dentin shades, B1, A1, A2, and A3, and two enamel shades, enamel neutral and enamel white. If you have a patient who demands a class IV restoration and their tooth has a bit more translucence or characterization, I endorse layering Transcend Universal Composite as follows: begin with a thin lingual shell of whichever enamel shade is best for the affected person. Most individuals will probably be neutral, but some who have whitened lately would be white. I’d then layer a slim layer of dentin shade, up to just beneath the extended enamel bevel. I would decide on the dentin shade primarily based on the genuine Vita shade of the tooth.

Following that, I’d do a skinny layer of Common Entire body, then finish with a further thin layer of whichever enamel shade you utilized for your lingual shell. This will give you a composite restoration that blends very well and matches the regional shade of the space with superior chameleon influence. Transcend achieves this with their “resin particle match know-how.” The balanced refractive indices between resin and filler particles from that technological know-how, combined with a meticulously optimized tuning concerning translucency and opacity, permit Transcend composite to blend with most encompassing dentition.

Transcend Universal Composite is not a bulk fill substance it should really be put in increments of a lot less than 3 mm for posterior restorations. It has superior bodily houses these types of as small shrinkage, higher “polishability,” and compressive toughness. I wish I could uncover a pair of jeans that experienced the versatility of Transcend Universal Composite … stylish but regular at the exact time.

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