July 21, 2024


A Passion for Better Health

Trevor Kasteel to stage psychological wellness manufacturing in Yellowknife

Trevor Kasteel to stage psychological wellness manufacturing in Yellowknife

After a company failure, Trevor Kasteel broke down. Now, he needs to chat about it.

Kasteel’s Yellowknife-based design business submitted for personal bankruptcy safety in Oct last 12 months.

He states he demanded mental wellbeing therapy in the aftermath as the force of working with a failing business put together with quite a few other components, amongst them sexual abuse he experienced when he was more youthful.

On Tuesday this 7 days, he will host a free celebration at the city multiplex’s DND gym titled “It’s Time For Silence To Put up with.” No ticket is necessary. Doors open at 5:30pm with the occasion commencing at 6pm.

“I‘m pursuing my aspiration eventually and transferring into inspirational and motivational talking perform. I will share all my particular and qualified lifetime encounter tales and learnings to date, no matter how unpleasant,” Kasteel wrote in an electronic mail location out what to be expecting.



“I will be vulnerable,” he wrote, introducing he will “talk about all failures and weaknesses via a variety of traumatic abuses, every day psychological battles, suicidal thoughts, melancholy, bullying, stress and anxiety, actual physical conditions, drugs and on.”

“The goal is to distribute appreciate, courage and confidence, to assist create people today,” he concluded.

Kasteel joined Afternoons at the Cabin to make clear more about how he discovered a way by way of the the latest functions in his daily life, why he required to speak about it in a community placing, and what he hopes his audience will get from the expertise.

Listen to the interview on Monday, June 10’s version of Afternoons at the Cabin from 12-3pm, or read through a transcript underneath.



This interview was recorded on June 7, 2024. The transcript has been edited for size and clarity.

Ollie Williams: Inform us about this occasion and what people ought to expect.

Trevor Kasteel: Individuals could possibly know me mostly from Kasteel Construction and Coatings, and the insolvency and the personal bankruptcy that we filed for on October 17 last 12 months, just following the evacuation.

I love aiding folks. I tried to do that to the finest of my ability with the company, and 1 of the difficulties of the downfall of the company – with the downfall of me – is that I was leaning far too a lot with my heart alternatively of profit. The building business has taught me a good deal. I have held going, no matter what.

What I attempt to do in my existence is, even if it is a quite, very negative scenario – and I know that I have damage people today, irrespective of whether it is household, mates, consumers, subcontractors or whatever – I know I want to have up to it and face it, and I need to have to embrace it and understand from it to be far better.

When the insolvency took place, what was occurring to you at the exact time?

That’s a massive 1. What occurred to me? Which is messy. I believe that’s the problem in lifestyle right now. You get nearly robotic just about every day. You are conditioned, and you are programmed. Everybody’s likely so quick that we’re pretty much dehumanizing ourselves and other folks close to us. I’ve apologized to particular individuals. I nonetheless have far more folks to apologize to, but I’m executing my ideal.

I have been suicidal in the previous. I actually went on a suicide panel for the Section of Overall health, psychological wellness and addictions, for all their counsellors across the Territories in January. I was at my breaking level. There was a series of occasions, like personalized triggers from my sexual molestation that happened to me in the previous. I charged the gentleman while I was on town council in Yellowknife in 1996. I was molested for a interval of six to 7 a long time as a kid. Without obtaining way too deep into that proper now, with all the unique items that ended up compounded by the evacuation, I achieved a issue where I was visualizing my own funeral company at the DND gymnasium, and any person talking at it for me.



I was preventing individuals suicidal thoughts for about four or 5 days. I walked into my sister’s condominium and claimed: “I will need some aid.” I broke down, finally. It was just the excess weight of restructuring talks with the corporation. I acquired admitted into mental health and fitness crisis and I noticed a psychiatrist that night – and I allow it out, person. It was like a device gun, I just gave him every thing that happened to me.

They transported me off to Alberta Clinic. They introduced me into setting up number 10, ward 2A. It is a psych ward. I was in that facility for about four months.

How are you getting issues now?

Lifetime has been brutal, but I have only got two alternatives: possibly I’m likely to do a little something about it or I’m going to sit there and wallow in self-pity. I have bought to get off my ass and do a thing about it.

My heart was tied to my organization, so that is emotional. I really like this group. I adore the North. I appreciate the persons. I under no circumstances meant to harm any individual and I did my most effective, but there is still struggling for the reason that of me and I despise that.

Each day it is a monster that you battle, to a sure degree, just about every working day mainly because you’re infected with a thing that you didn’t even want – you trusted the particular person and so it’s the psychological struggle that you encounter, and it is so complicated.

When did you make your mind up that you required to offer with this in a community format and keep an event?

June 11 is my birthday and the day my father died in 1982. So June 11 indicates a good deal. It popped up just one day: “I should really do it on my birthday and give a gift to the individuals that I enjoy, give a reward again to the North.”



I want to distribute enjoy and I also want to converse about humility. I believe individuals these days watch like and humility as weak. It is significantly stronger and considerably additional strong than the negativity that goes on out there. I want to distribute courage and assurance.

What must individuals anticipate? What is it heading to glance like?

It’s at the DND health club at the multiplex. I’m doing the job with Pido Productions, who I have to thank from the base of my coronary heart. And then also Function Rentals Yellowknife, they’ve been superb. There is about 280 seats, there’s no reservations. The stage is in the centre simply because I want to be completely susceptible. I’m going to be bringing things like empty pill bottles to exhibit that I’m on antidepressants, all that variety of stuff. I’m also bringing my dad’s recliner, and I’m heading to sit in the center of the stage, I’m heading to have a headset on, and I’m likely to wander about and speak with people today.

I’m just likely to share the lived experiences. We’re human beings, and portion of remaining human is to be human. To essentially have a conversation, you want to hook up. And if I went in there just talking about Trevor, performing a speech and going for walks out, what the hell is that? I will need to establish have faith in, I need to have to hook up with the people, and how we link is via stories. I do not want to just converse about nervousness, I want to break that sucker down. What is stress and anxiety? Let us gradual the hell down and let us look at nervousness. When we speak about bullying, let’s dissect what a bully is. Let’s dissect what the target of a bully is.

What do you want individuals to get from it?

I’m not shy to chat about my bankruptcies – and my individual individual bankruptcy now. And so the approach of that, people may have thoughts. If persons want to ask me what took place with the attorneys, if people today want to request me what transpired with the trustees, if people today want to question me what took place with the auctions? Hey, gentleman, I’m an open e book.

I have to be watchful with legal responsibility and I just can’t reply issues that are going to hurt other folks or induce men and women. This is for 13 or above, so I need to have to be very, really careful with the words that I’m employing.

What I’m accomplishing is I’m using all the techniques and equipment that I’ve gathered – by my journalism diploma, tv and radio, from doing the organization as very well as city council, all that kind of things – to develop this creation and make it the ideal it can be though remaining thoughtful of some others.

It nearly sounds like a generation of your lifestyle.

That’s definitely accurate, which is pretty tough to do – and strange.