December 8, 2023


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Zygomatic dental implants: Nebraska surgeon gives protected tooth substitute

No matter if you have just misplaced a tooth or you’ve got dealt with dentures that do not in shape for years, you could have regarded as dental implants. For patients with out adequate upper bone for common implants, bone grafting utilised to be the only dental implant alternative. On the other hand, Nebraska Drugs oral and maxillofacial surgeon Jason Untrauer, MD, DDS, gives an substitute identified as zygomatic implants.

How zygomatic implants perform

If your jawbone isn’t really thick more than enough, or it truly is as well delicate, for regular dental implants, zygomatic implants may well be suitable for you. Because there is no bone (or not more than enough bone) below the nose, the zygomatic implants take care of to the cheekbone as a substitute.

If you’re utilised to wearing and readjusting dentures, you may recognize an speedy variation with zygomatic dental implants. “As time goes on, your dentures may well not suit as very well,” says Dr. Untrauer. Zygomatic implants can get you again to speaking, feeding on and smiling like standard. “Going from not remaining equipped to put on a denture to going house the upcoming day with teeth that are screwed into your mouth – that never transfer all-around – is big.”

Who does zygomatic dental implants?

Dr. Untrauer is the most experienced dental implant surgeon in the Omaha metro. He has been performing zygomatic implant surgical procedure for 10 yrs and counting. 

“Zygomatic implants are a attractive alternative for clients who may not have more than enough bone for common dental implants,” points out Dr. Untrauer. “Since they bypass the want for bone grafting, zygomatic implants pace up the time needed for recovery.”

Jason Untrauer, MD, DDS
Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Jason Untrauer, MD, DDS, has ten a long time of encounter with zygomatic implant medical procedures. “Zygomatic implants are a stunning selection for patients who might not have more than enough bone for traditional implants,” he says.

Zygomatic implants heal speedier than bone grafting

The alternate for people with inadequate jawbone is bone grafting. That’s when a surgeon normally takes a piece of bone from part of your human body, like the hip, and grafts it in the upper jaw. This procedure will take a extensive time – up to eight months – to heal.

“With intensive bone grafting, you will go more time with no enamel,” points out Dr. Untrauer. “Since you really don’t want the denture urgent up from the bone grafting, it usually takes numerous months to heal in advance of you can put the classic implant on the grafted bone.” 

“With zygomatic implants, you can have a short-term denture screwed in and preset by the following working day,” suggests Dr. Untrauer. “You never have to go without having tooth for lengthy.” 

Zygomatic dental implants restoration time

Zygomatic dental implant surgical procedures usually takes about three hrs. You may be less than typical anesthesia the entire time, so you is not going to come to feel a factor. It’s an outpatient technique, indicating you will go dwelling the very same working day. 

The restoration time for zygomatic implants can take considerably less time than conventional dental implants take with added bone grafting. 

Either the day of the surgical procedure or the future working day, your prosthodontist screws in a short-term denture while you mend from the medical procedures. You are going to want to consume soft foodstuff for a couple weeks to a few months whilst you recover. Following 4 to six months of sporting the short term denture, all you’ll will need is your permanent dental implant.

How very long do dental implants previous?

Modern zygomatic implants are very sturdy. As very long as you keep away from an infection, dental implants can last a life time.

To preserve your dental implants infection-totally free, manage wonderful oral cleanliness. Brush and floss your teeth regularly, and see your dentist two times a yr for a much more comprehensive cleansing. You can also have common checkups with your prosthodontist. It really is a dental prosthesis, so parts may well don above time.

What are zygomatic implants designed of?

The implants are built of titanium to resist decay or breaking. A particular house of the implants permits them to fuse to the bone. They are biocompatible, which means the implants are intended for the system to take them.

Like traditional implants, zygomatic implants are minimal-upkeep, lasting enamel. If you’re intrigued in dental implants, routine an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation and advice.

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